Propecia 4 times a week

Untreated scalp infections can spread and cause the loss of live growing hairs. When it comes to washing your hair, some people have reported good results with Alpecin C1 shampoo. Propecia could easily cause abnormalities in the men's newborn making love bodily organs, a medical condition often known as hypospadias.

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Active substanceTo be specified in regulations

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Expiration date16.06.2021



International namePropecia 4 times a week



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Propecia 4 Times A Week

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Customer Reviews
by burik, 05.03.2016

No guarantee: Rogaine's manufacturer clearly states Rogaine does not work for everyone and individual results will vary.

by ruslan05, 01.01.2016

Pfizer has yet to provide a clear description of how minoxidil induces regrowth. It works by interacting with the cells in a way that prevents testosterone from entering hair follicles leading to production of DHT which is scientifically known to contribute to genetic hair loss. This makes me think that the situation probably is not psychological or because I am getting old or anything but must be due to Propecia.

by NORBsky, 02.03.2016

I am using Minoxidil 5 Rootz M5, and Folliderm Tab, since 6 months now, it has completely stopped my Hair fall, and even I witnessed new hair growth.

by brumster, 25.02.2016

However, the shampoo is not advised for people who have very dry hair because it could aggravate the condition and cause considerable discomfort to the head and scalp. Keep it away from fire, and avoid open flame after treatment until the medication has completely dried. Eligible subjects were randomized to receive either MorrF or Minoxidil alone as per the dosage schedule.

by gaguga, 09.01.2016

Many will wonder why fall more than usual hair lost, but dermatologists explain that there is a physiological hair moves, as do mammals.

by Raven777, 20.02.2016

When Kahn and grant informed Upjohn of minoxidil's power to restore hair, in 1971, Upjohn quietly filed a patent for using minoxidil for that purpose - and reported Kahn and Grant to the FDA for conducting unauthorized experiments on humans. Minoxidil distributes widely throughout the body tissues and is extensively metabolized in the liver.

by samoner427, 10.02.2016

Still, there are also a few medicationsincluding some birth control pills and antidepressants, which can cause hair loss as a side effect. Compare this to the 80 success rate of most hair loss products and it's easy to see why many people choose ProRestora over most other hair loss treatments. Scientific advances in cancer treatment have encouraged many large drug companies to step up their investment in oncology research in recent years, resulting in rapidly expanding pipelines of targeted therapies.

by a09B2i0l, 01.01.2016

You need to take it for as long as you want to continue to maintain your results.

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